Friday, 28 June 2013

20 Weeks!

Well hello peeps,

20 Weeks today! How exciting we are already half way through!

Everything is still going well and I am happy to report this little monkey is a BABY BOY!!! I don't know why I wanted a little boy so bad this time but was obviously so SO happy that he was!

He is getting bigger every day and his kicking is pretty strong and frequent. He tends to be more still when I am active but the minute I sit down or go to bed he makes sure I know he is awake. I can't even begin to describe how exciting it was to feel him from the "outside" last week. I know that sounds super weird but I have been feeling him swishing around since around 15 weeks. As he has gotten bigger it has progressively gotten to "kicking" but I can never catch it with my hand. The other day I was driving and stopped at a red light. He started moving around so I instinctively put my hand on my belly. He then did a big kick right onto my hand!! It was so weird but so exciting at the same time. I am catching it all the time now but still trying to successfully predict when he will kick for when Ryan is waiting to feel it. Still nothing!

Otherwise things have been pretty quiet. Knowing its a baby boy has been exciting because now I can start shopping a little more. Today I purchased this AMAZING diaper bag from England {or nappy bag as they would call it!}. It seemed a little on the expensive side but I loved how it says "Mummy" instead of "Mommy". Plus I justified it by knowing it will also suffice as a purse for really its 2 for 1!!! If Ryan ever asks how much it was I will just tell him what the total came to in Pounds Sterling ;)

Isn't it LOVELY?! I am so excited for it to arrive {even though I can't really start using it yet}. It has everything you need inside for travelling with your baby. Insulated bottle holders, a changing pad, a spot for the "nappys" and also a convenient retractable key fob holder so you don't lose your keys. A way to keep track of your keys?!?!? It was MEANT for me :) I also liked how it could work either for a boy baby or a girl in the future and was still cute for the Mummy.

Well anyways, I have to go think about dinner {which basically means I have to go order dinner} but I will report on my other baby purchases in another post this weekend. It's a three day here and looking like its going to be a hot one!  Amy xxx

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