Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Blobina is ONE!

September 13th arrived this weekend and my little Blobina officially turned ONE . Now I have two one year olds running around the house until the end of October. And yes, I have been waiting all year to say that :)

Brooke is currently chopped FULL of personality. She is a little fire ball when she is mad {and wow she can get mad} but easily recovers and is the sweetest little monkey! She LOVES to dance, any type of music can come on and she is over in the corner swaying or raising the roof. The other night, Ryan and I were watching a drama where one of the main characters was getting fired. This dramatic {and depressing} music came on the show and Brooke stops what she's doing and starts pumping her hands in the air. It was so funny!

She isn't walking yet but has started to stand by herself for a few seconds! Her crawling is at lightning speed when she is chasing Bennett around, so walking isn't that necessary at the moment.

We had a fun day with her on her birthday. I set up her little pile of pressies for her to wake up to in the morning with a few balloons. I thought she would be so excited to see them but I forgot she hasn't really encountered a balloon before. She was a little apprehensive to say the least.....


After getting over the balloons, we brought her new chair and presents over to my sisters and skyped my family in England. They watched her open her presents and got to sing to her for her birthday.


We had a quiet afternoon while the babies napped. Bennett got a Buzz Lightyear for Brooke's birthday and Brooke got a Jesse doll, so when they got up we put on Toy Story for them.

At dinner, a few friends and family gathered at our house for a little celebration. Brooke seriously LOVED the attention from everyone. I decorated the kitchen with hearts's and flowers. I also was going to get her a pink flower cake but decided she would enjoy a monster cake so much better. So I had the same cake made that Bennett had for his first birthday called "Harry the Monster". Of course Brooke needed a girl version, so we changed it to pink and aqua and called her "Harriet the Monster". I think she liked it ;)

After dinner she opened all her lovely presents from everyone. I was actually pretty impressed at her opening skills, she did do some of the ripping herself. It was really cute! P.S. I loved how the chair we got her was the perfect present opening chair. I am getting Bennett one for his second birthday and am excited to put all their presents on their chairs every year for their birthday mornings.

Full of sugar and totally exhausted, we gave both babes a bath after everyone left and put them to bed. I couldn't help peeking in on my newest little one year old and found her fast asleep. She is perfection.

Now I still have to do her final stats for this year!

WEIGHT: 23.8 {a little lower than last month but she is moving so much more now}
ROUTINE: She is getting back into a little bit of a routine and going down between 9 or 10 after a bath. She was sick the last week but {knock on wood} slept in her crib the last few nights right through until the morning. I think it might be time to move Brooke into Bennett's room so they can share the nursery!
MILESTONES: She is standing up now for about 10 seconds. Brooke is also engaging Bennett more now like getting his attention and then getting him to chase her. Lastly, her hair is starting to fill in! Let's see if it will be a curly mop like her brothers.

Happy one year my sweet darling, we love you!

and to finish off this mammoth post....the comparison shot!


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    1. Is that you Nicola? I didn't know you had a blog!

  2. Yup. We've spent ages tonight looking through yours at your beautiful babies! Yup started blogging a month ago I think. It's incredibly therapeutic, brutally full of TMI and honest lol. I've got it separate to anything lol so nobody knows it's me lol. Xx

    1. So cool! Yes I love blogging and I so glad you are on here. LOVE your blog, so honest but also really quirky and funny xxx