Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Bennett is two!!!

Am I actually writing a post about Bennett being two? I suppose I am. sigh. Yes my baby is two and these last two years have been nothing short of amazing!
So two. I am actually looking forward to this year! There is nothing to be sad about when it comes to a healthy, happy boy growing up. Although I am slightly freaking out about the fact that I am 29 and am a mother of two. Ummmm when did I grow up?! haha.

Bennett had two special days this year, his party the week before and then his actual birthday, which fell on a weekday. Obsessed is an understatement to how he feels towards Toy Story right now, so of course we had to do a Toy Story party!

 For the actual day we just had a relaxed, low key sort of day. We started by having breakfast and face-timing with England. They watched him open their pressies which were all super cute! After that my sis gave the babes a bath and then I took Bennett out for some time alone with him. I decided to take him to McDonald's for lunch because I love big macs  he loves nuggets and it has a huge play place. Nuggets were a hit, play place not so much. I sent him up the structure thinking he would have so much fun. Well I started hearing little voices within the tunnels saying "move baby" and quickly realized that there had been no kids coming down the slide in a while. So I tried to call Bennett down but heard nothing but more complaining from the other kids. Much to my dismay I had to ascend the play structure and make my way through a traffic jam of tiny people until I reached the source of the clog. Little Bennett had gotten to the top and was physically shaking/refusing to go any further. Kids were actually pushing at him and he had secured himself like a little starfish with his feet and hands. I managed to coax him towards the only exit which was a slide. I slid down with him and instead of gliding down, I ungracefully stuck the entire way!! I had to sort of half push myself down/half hold Bennett. Oh and if you are wondering, yes I was 100% regretting my Big Mac decision. Pity looks were all over the other parents faces when I emerged red faced and disheveled from the stupid tunnel slide but I had rescued the birthday boy and that's all that mattered. I ended up just taking him back to our local park and letting him play there until it was time to pick up Brookey.

After that both the blobs napped and then we had my sister and brother over for pizza and presents. It was a cute day for a cute boy.


Here are his stats!

WEIGHT: 27.6 lbs

ROUTINE: We have had lots of visits this year which always puts off the routine slightly {who wants to go to bed at 9pm when you have visitors in your house?!} but he is now back to going to bed around 9-9:30 after bath time. He also takes a nap every afternoon for 2-3 hours {while Brooke does too!}.

MILESTONES: Bennett has grown alot since my last post on him! He is really strong and loves be be outside running around. He also plays alot with Brooke and enjoys the park. His favourite show is still Peppa pig and he is OBSESSED with the movies "Wreck it Ralph", "Toy Story" and is starting to appreciate "Frozen". Brooke and him are always together and they get along so well. He sometimes tries to ride her like a horse but otherwise they are usually playing with his train table or chasing each other around. He shows compassion towards animals {specifically cats....he is SO my child!} and loves riding the skateboard with Daddy. He still doesn't talk much and had to go see a speech therapist recently. He does communicate with us, its just mainly the words "dada", "wow" and "ow" when he hurts himself. Then sometimes he surprises us and says a word perfectly and appropriately. On his birthday he said "Woody" when he opened his toy Woody doll from my Mum. Plus the other day he said he wanted to "go outside" to my sis. I am not taking him back to speech therapy for a while until I really have concern for his speech. All children learn at different paces so I am just going to focus on encouraging him and giving him a loving environment.

Happy birthday little man, we love you so much!!!!!!!!

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