Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lucky seven

I just realized that today we have been married for seven months. SEVEN MONTHS already, where does the time go? It also just so happened that I found the pictures from when my sissy and I discovered my wedding dress. It was so exciting {partly because my time frame was a little slim....I happen to leave everything last minute} but I also really loved it. I just knew the second we spotted it that it really was the perfect dress for me.

I sometimes wish that it was acceptable to wear wedding dresses to the grocery store, movie theater and fast food restaurants. It seems a shame that such a lovely thing hangs in a bag in my closet. The dress did make an appearance the other day when I decided to have a quick peek at it. All too quickly, however, my cats descended upon it {leaving a couple claw marks i'm sure}. So back into the bag it went......maybe until I find a way to put it to better use :) xxx

This was the day we found this little beauty and below is six months later on the big day!

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