Friday, 22 March 2013


Hi all,

two weeks have passed way too quickly and I just realized not once within that time frame have I blogged! Naughty Amy! So now I am sitting down to type and can hardly remember what we have even done. Sigh.

I did get my hair done last week! It has pretty much been a disaster since I box died over top of the professional colour I got done for the wedding back in August. As soon as I put on the poofed up into what is now referred to as 'the fuzz'. I have had it trimmed three times since, paid for two deep conditions and FINALLY last week, I was able to get a new colour. For the last six months no hairdresser has dared to touch it in fear of damaging it further. So it can't yet shed the name of 'the fuzz' but its getting better.

We also have seen a couple of movies. Oz in 3D was amazing!!! I felt so excited while watching it, a true adventure. That is one of the movies that I wont mind my future children playing over and over again. It's very enjoyable!

Well I have to go and do some very important tasks {shopping}, so I will blog more this weekend. Bye xxx

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