Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter 2014

I thought I would do a quick post on Bennett's first Easter. Easter to him was probably no different then any other day, mainly due to the fact that his little gummy toothless mouth could not enjoy any Easter treats. Either way it was still fun to see him get excited ;)

This year we headed to BC to see Ryan's family in Revelstoke. Bennett was ADORABLE for his five hour car ride. He slept all but 1.5 hours, which I just sat with him for and read him books. He enjoyed meeting everyone again and had a good time.

The only real glitch we encountered was  a "poo explosion" on Saturday. They happen to every baby but mine seems to always pick the day when I have not chosen to bring extra clothing and we tend to be in a small space. The small space that particular day was a cafe for lunch. If Bennett had not made it quite so evident with grunting and turning purple, I am sure no one would have actually believed the foul smell filling the cafe was indeed the little chubby smiling baby in the corner.

So anyways, long story short, it was everywhere. Once discovering this, I had to leave the half dressed blob with Ryan at the cafe and run to the baby shop down the road to get something new for him to wear. I also had to clean him up in a bathroom with no baby changing station...so that was fun. Also, the line up to use the stinky bathroom was even funner to face when exiting ;)

Otherwise, we had a seamless weekend and another great drive home in which Bennett slept the entire time! {So much like his daddy!} xxx 
Hanging out with Great Uncle Les

Great Aunty Julie

Second Cousins!

Laughing with Great Aunty Eness and Charlee

Grandpas identical twin

With Daddy on Great Uncle Joes Bike

Easter Bunny!

This is what we came home to on Sunday night :) 

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