Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bennett is 11 months!

I can't believe he is already so close to a year old!! It makes me sad but I think back to how much we have done over his first year and I feel better. This last month was fun to see how fast he is starting to pick things up. I feel like we show him something and he starts to understand almost instantly now!

The other day my sister showed him how to walk along with his walker. As soon as she showed him, he was off! I couldn't believe it! Using the walker seems to be helping his leg strength as he is trying to stand alone for small periods of time {and giving me a heart attack while he teeters there haha}.

Also the other big event for him is that he is now a big brother! He has taken to the roll very well :) I am so happy I didn't wait until he was older to give him a sibling because I don't think my nerves could have taken it! Even now I am always so worried that he is upset with me or doesn't like his new sis. This is purely my own worries though because so far {other than some mild acting up} he seems to be fine with her. They don't have alot of interaction yet but I think this is mainly because she can't do much {in other words, to him...she is boring haha}. What makes me think I am just crazy is that we have caught him smiling at her randomly throughout the day many times. Plus now he has started to understand kisses and the other day he crawled over to her and gave her a big wet one right on the lips!

Photo by Gingersnap Photography

So here are his 11 mth stats and pictures. I also included some from his "early" birthday that we did while my Mum was here from England. My friend Anna Rita made him an AMAZING Peppa Pig cake and one night while my family was all together, we sang to him and let him get messy!

Weight: 22 lbs 11 oz~ this is actually an accurate weight! My Mum and I took both babies to get weighed while she was here.

Routine: He still sleeps right smack dab in between us in our bed. Well with the exception of "Granny sleepovers" when he sleeps with my Mum during her visits. The funny thing is that now I am not pregnant I feel like I have this new found wealth of room. So while he is still little, we don't mind. Maybe he will be sleeping on his own by the time his second birthday rolls around ;)

Eating: Pretty much the same as last month.

Milestones: Climbing the stairs all the way to the top by himself! Walking with his walker toy and understanding kisses :) Oh and his teeth are really coming in now.

These are his 11 month pictures! :) xxxx

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