Monday, 7 December 2015

Blob Christmas!

Since we are now in December, I thought it would be nice to share the babies Christmas photo with Santa Claus! Plus I am desperately finding anything else to do other than the work that is piling up as we speak :)

Last year was sort of a dud but I LOVED the outcome. Brooke looked absolutely confused with life and Bennett thought Santa was terrifying. It made my day :)

This year I decided to continue the torture tradition and bring them back again to see the man in red. They still hate him but to my disappointment excitement managed to somewhat hold it together. I suppose it was a good thing as Santa was much less stressed holding them haha.

On a side note, where are all the nice mall Santa's you see in movies? This one was better than the rest but the one last year was awful. I still look at his happy face and know its a lie, he was pure evil! He told me off for showing his face to Bennett before I placed him on his lap. Santa is not supposed to tell off 28 year old's who gave birth to not one but TWO children in a year. He wasn't there again this year......maybe he fell off his sleigh or something :) 

Anyways, sorry to cut this short but I am off to do my ever mounting pile of paper work. WHY am I so unorganized? Wish me luck! xxx

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