Monday, 22 July 2013

The Royal Baby!

It's no secret that I love the Royals. There is something so fairy tale about it all. So needless to say, today was an exciting day with the announcement that Kate gave birth to a baby BOY!! I really did think it was a girl but am super excited for them that they get to enjoy a sweet baby boy. Of course, the idea has run through my head that my baby boy may be friends with the royal baby {stranger things have happened people!}. Who knows...maybe I will bump into her when I am next in England. It will probably be in Mother Care when we are looking at the exact outfit for our little baby boys ;) Hahaha well I am just kidding but you never know! Now onto the task of finding some "Royal Baby" swag for our little baby. Anything along this line will do...... 

I also hope that my secretary of press {Carly.....that will be you} will post a notice outside the hospital when Baby Mele is born. xxx

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