Thursday, 11 December 2014


Hi all! Sorry for my blogging hiatus!

We just returned home from a week in England. It was for a sad occasion (my Grandad's funeral) but of course, it was fun to be back with my family regardless.

So much went on that its hard to get it all into a single blog post {plus I have to pick up my babies from Carly s in approximately 10 minutes, so I have to be quick!!}

The plane ride to England was long but the babies did really well. The only time Bennett got really upset was when he woke up and didn't recognize where he was. I was in the bathroom changing Brooke's diaper {which is about 2'x2'....HARDEST DIAPER CHANGE EVER} and actually heard the screams down the plane. Otherwise he was good natured and just walked/crawled up and down the aisle about 1000 times. I swear we knew most people on that flight by the end of it.

We went shopping the first and second days and I managed to get some Laura Ashley wallpaper on reduction for 4 pounds!! That's like $7 people! It was reduced from 44 pounds a roll! I got some lovely cream and pink stuff for Brooke's future room and some white and grey for a feature wall in our bedroom. Can you tell I like wallpaper?! Both rooms are far away from being done but who can resist a bargain like that?!

Our trip also happened to fall on Hannah's 13th birthday!! It was so nice to have the day to spend with her!! We had a lovely dinner out and then went home to open pressies and watch a movie!

On the third day, the day before my Grandad's funeral. My Mum's washing machine broke! That probably doesn't sound like a huge deal but with a household of nine people including two babies that have to change was a bit disastrous. We actually ended up having to clean my brothers suit for the funeral with baby wipes and a lint roller :)

That day was consumed with trying to fix it and we flooded the kitchen {which is where your washing machine tends to be in England} about three or four times. So on top of all the backed up laundry, we also had about ten soaking wet towels on the washing line. The part that was needed was something that ended up having to be ordered, so we never did get it fixed before we left. Let's just say there may have been an emergency knicker run to Tesco's ;)

My Grandad's funeral was a lovely event. It turned out to be quite joyous which is fitting for the man he was. My mum chose to finish the funeral with the song California Dreaming by the Mama's and Papa's, which put a smile on my face as we said our final goodbyes. Carly and I also made a speech which I hope he heard. He was one of the best people I have ever known and I hope that he is happy now :)

In true Willis fashion, driving home from the funeral turned into an event in itself. We were in two vehicles and we somehow got separated. In the meantime, it began to pour rain and my Mums windshield wipers packed in, almost blinding her with the rain. Long story short, we ended up on the side of the Motor way for almost THREE AND A HALF HOURS with hungry babies. I also had to use the bathroom at the side of the road which I am sure that I will never live down. We lost Scott but discovered him at a neighbors house much later on haha. I am pretty sure that my Grandad wanted to play one last joke on us! Even my uncle that came to rescue my Mum said that it had Bill written all over it!

So to sum up it was an eventful but extra fun week in England. Brooke loved it too {obviously} being that it was her first time! The flight home was extra amazing with both babies not crying once...NOT ONCE!!! Now our family are due to fly to see us in a week for Christmas!! Anyways, I must go as my children are back and Bennett is throwing things in the toilet to entertain himself. Don't worry, its not like it's my expensive Estee Lauder face cream or anything ;) xxx

On the plane!



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