Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bennett is 18 months!

My little baby is 1.5 years old {well he was on the 26th} and it's time for an update!

Bennett's last update was at 1 year which you can see here. At 12 months he had only been a big brother for 6 weeks so it was all quite new to him. He is definitely getting more used to the gig 7 months on. He finally appreciates that Brooke can sit up and do things with him. They are together 24/7 and now he notices that she giggles at him when he does something funny. So he will do it again and look for her reaction. She eats with him at the table now, so he will usually be gracious enough to slip her some of his food. She is also big enough to takes baths with him at night, so he always makes sure to splash some water into her face. Brotherly love :)

Bennett is SO PHYSICAL. This kid climbs everything, runs everywhere and flings his entire body around when he isn't happy. He loves being outside in the garden or at the swings. His Grandad {my dad} taught him to water things with a watering can while we were last in England and now he loves to do that. He even helped Aunty plant/water some seeds the other day and they are already doing great! Now that spring is here, Bennett goes into the garden every night with his Daddy. He runs around, tinkers with his wagon and usually ends up like this at the end of the evening....

My little blob still doesn't talk very much. He is running around 3 words but I am not that worried. Someone told me the other day that physical babies are able to get what they want so communicating isn't always priority. He still says "Dada" all the time and knows that's Ryan's name. Now he also says "no" and just started saying "Mama" again...FINALLY! He also babbles at us and I find it hilarious just seeing him trying so hard to communicate. Him and Brooke babble between each other too and maybe when she can talk...she will help him along abit :)

So here are a few stats for my little monkey and his 18 month pictures:

Weight: 25.7 lbs

Size: 18-24 mths. Our blob is still on the shorter side so his trousers always have to be rolled up. It's adorable. Both Granny and Gram keep him well clothed so I have hardly had to buy anything for him.

Routine: He has a 2-3 hr afternoon nap every day and also sleeps through the night from about 9:30 pm onwards.

Eating: Everything really. Breakfast is porridge and a banana. Then he snacks in the AM and PM between lunch and dinner {which is whatever we have}. I try and keep it as healthy as possible. He loves fruit....but like his Mama he also loves sweets, so we find a balance. He still has milk before he sleeps {which the doctor told me was horrible to do} but it puts him to sleep, so I don't care :) You also have to watch your alcohol around this one, he will steal anyone's drink and won't even flinch while drinking it {so funny but so embarrassing in public! Haha}. We even found him dipping his soother in my wine the other night. Lord give me strength.

Milestones: This one is hard because there is so much he does all the time. It's amazing to just watch how he is understanding so much more now. I will ask him to get a book so he will go and choose one and bring it to me. He is so quick on his feet and loves going down the slide by himself. He likes colouring and LOVES anything with wheels. Even the other day at my sisters house, he decided to steal Brooke's milk and of course she cried when he did. So he ran as fast as he could to find a soother, brought it back to her, stuck it in her mouth and carried on drinking her milk in peace. Haha little things like this honestly make my day.



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