Friday, 15 May 2015

Our little eight month old!

Our little girl is 8 months old! I seriously cannot believe that it has been 8 months already with this sweet blobina. It just amazes me that in 1 year, a baby can be born and grow up so quickly. Each month brings new rewards.....and challenges. Honestly though, I couldn't imagine life any other way :)

Brooke had a good month, she has such a sweet nature and is so easy to love. She wakes up smiling every morning and everything that we do excites her. She had her 7-8 month well check at the doctors office and her growth is on par. The only thing they brought to my attention was her weight. They said it is off the chart so wanted to refer me to a nutritionist!!! Isn't that hilarious?!?! I am taking no mind because Bennett was a little meatball at 8 months and now he has evened out perfectly. It's usually when they become mobile. Regardless, I LOVE MEATBALL STAGE. So instead of worrying, I'm just taking extra time to cuddle her while she is so squishy. 

Anyways, here are her updated stats and her 8 month photos!

Weight: 20.2 lbs {Bennett was close!}

Routine: She is sleeping through the night ONLY IF she is in our bed. I am still starting her in her crib but end up having to get up to move her over at some point. As soon as she is back with us, she will sleep solid until about 8 AM.

Eating: Formula 5x a day with rice cereal in the morning and puree's for lunch and dinner. 

Milestones: SHE SAY'S "MAMA"!! This is the cutest thing ever because Bennett's first {and still one of his only} words was/is "Dada". So I was secretly hoping Mama would prevail in Brooke's vocabulary. I still don't know if she is just saying it or applying it with thought but the other day I put her down, she then reached for me and started saying Mama! It was the BEST!!!

I love my little blobs, I constantly wonder how I got so lucky xxx

and for the comparison.....

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