Thursday, 8 January 2015

Christmas 2014

I am finally getting around to blogging about Christmas 2014! Bear with me as I catch up a little on the blog posts :)

Christmas this year was lovely. It was Brooke's first and my family decided to come from England again. It was a shorter holiday then last year but we managed to fit alot into our 11 days together!

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Ryan's parents, Christmas night dinner at Carly's house and Boxing day dinner at my Uncles house. And yes, we had turkey all three days haha. My Mum and me decided next year will be a vegetarian nut loaf {much to the men's dismay} as preparing the turkey was disgusting. It also didn't help that my Mum said "awwwww think of his sweet little face" as I was trying to dislodge the frozen neck from inside of the turkeys carcass LOL.

On Christmas eve Ryan's mum did lovely stuffed turkey breast with all the sides. You should have seen my brothers plate, it was piled HIGH with food! I swear it was restaurant quality! Afterwards we had some drinks and dessert and headed home. I was so mad at myself because I forgot my camera!!!! So no pictures of our lovely dinner :(

On Christmas day, we opened all the presents at my house and did brunch. Then packed up and went for a nice walk. Poor Bennett was feeling under the weather and this little walk seemed to tip him over the edge. Just after we got home he ran a temperature and started to be sick.  This carried on through boxing day but we took him out anyways. He was such a good sport and only sliiiiightly cranky ;)

Bennett still has a little cough/cold which was passed onto poor baby Brooke. We actually had to take her to the hospital the other day because her breathing was so laboured. They cleared her all out and gave her some concoction to help re-hydrate her. Now we are just keeping an eye on her and letting her rest. 

So here are some pictures from our Christmas holiday, the only thing that was missing was SNOW!!! We were seriously hoping we would get a nice white Christmas and it did start to fall lightly at around 10:00 pm on Christmas day but that was it. Of course the day my family left was when it dropped seriously in temp and snow started falling heavily. Oh well, such is life, I suppose i'm just happy we were all together :) xxx

Waiting at the airport, ready to show our family his new trick of walking!


Let's take a moment to appreciate that Brooke officially became part of the knithead family!!!!




With his track from Grandma and Grandpa! Unfortunately I forgot my camera on Christmas Eve so we have no pictures with them :(

That was Christmas night before dinner and before it snowed in Legacy. I love our little area! Isn't it just so sweet?! It will be a little more sweet when the shops are built {said by a true shopaholic}, I can already imagine walking to get coffee with Carly and the babes. That's a few years away so maybe a cousin or two by then as well ;)

Anyways, another great Christmas in the books :)

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