Tuesday, 27 January 2015


One of my new years resolutions was to lose weight, surprising right? haha. I seriously put that every year and the only year I actually did it was my wedding. You know how I did it? I bought a dress that was two sizes too small! Big risk and it ended up being SUPER stressful {Carly was on the receiving end of most of my worried talks} but it worked!!! I JJJJUUUUSSSSTTT managed to get into that dress about a week before the wedding.

...and it you're wondering....NO I cannot get into this dress anymore. I have tried
I wish I could have another wedding to inspire me {to the same person just to clear that up haha} but that probably isn't in the cards right now. So instead I have decided the only way is to buy clothes too small for me.

First purchase, this SUPER COOL Superdry jacket. I actually totally copied my trendy Mum because she already owns this jacket in black. I don't care though, I LOVE IT! As soon as I saw her in it, I hoped to get one for myself. Then this week, they went on sale for half price! I immediately went to order one but of course my size was all sold out. Wah. So I decided this will be my first investment into something that is smaller then I am. It will arrive today, so hopefully it wont turn out to be unachievably {is that a word?} smaller.

I will keep you posted, the hope is that I can wear it for our holiday to England at Easter. My Mum and me will be able to walk around in matching jackets. Ummmm how cool will that be?! I mean, how cool will WE be? hahaha xxx

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